Andy Warhol









When the New York Times wrote in 1977 that “Tenderness of the Wolves” reminded them of Andy Warhol’s work, only better,  Andy attended the next screening and after the movie we met and he asked me what my plans were, I invented a love story at dinner with Warhol, Truman Capote and Jackie Kennedy called “Blank Generation”.

Three months later we were shooting with French super star Carole bouquet and punk rocker Richard Hell. Andy himself played and helped producing. I never returned to Europe and after making the second movie with Warhol in 1978 entitled “Cocaine Cowboys” (starring Jack Palance and Andy Warhol), and after working with Andy in the Factory in Manhattan for three years, creating art, Polaroids, music and screen tests, I was on my way to Hollywood and in August of 1980 my horror cult film “Boogeyman” stormed the charts and was soon the No.1 movie in America.

What I had learned from Andy was to never accept any rules, to move past the third dimension here on earth, which Andy called a penal colony, and to transcend towards breaking up our limited understanding of time and space.  He himslef had given me the perfect exampe by creating the ultimate multi-media factory, where music was made, movies, interviews, art and sex and all that in one single huge space, his legendary loft in Manhattan. Everything seemed possible, nothing was pure speculation, commercial success was not the aim, even though most of his are now sells for $100 million plus. Andy has become the top rated artist in the world and he achieved it all with ease and pleasure and a vision that knew absolutely no boundaries.

Warhol always had an eye for new talent. One day , when we were in Brooklyn, a 20 year old student of the academy overheard our conversation and wanted to know whether we had chosen a composer for our film. His name was Elliot Goldenthal he got the job and 25 years later the Academy Award for “Frida”.  The up-and-coming talents Andy spotted and loved and supported were often referred to as his “soup du jour”. From 1977 to 1981 that was me, and what a life-long feast it has turned out to be. The two movies that keep me company to this very day are “Tenderness of the Wolves” and “Blank Generation”.  The first one brought me to Warhol and the other one celebrates my collaboration with him. Both films are still thriling audiences wolrd-wide, more than 40 years after they were made.