Between 1971 and 1977 Ulli Lommel directed and starred in 22 films in Europe, two of which are represented by the Fassbinder Foundation. In 1973 Lommel had two films in the Top 10 Box Office Charts in Germany, “Harlis” (which he starred in) and “Tenderness of the Wolves” (directed by Lommel, the film also opened the Berlin Film Festival). In total his films garnered eleven of the prime German film prizes.

After playing over a year in cinemas in Paris and London to rave reviews, “Tenderness of the Wolves” was shown in August of 1977 at a film festival in New York City. Its success motivated Lommel to immigrate to the U.S. only a few weeks after the premiere of the film in Manhattan. That same year he began a 3-year working relationship with Andy Warhol, who coproduced and starred in two of Lommel’s American cult films (“Blank Generation” with Carole Bouquet and “Cocaine Cowboys” with Jack Palance). The Warhol years also resulted in several Andy Warhol pop art collections owned by Lommel.

In 1980 Lommel moved to Los Angeles, where he started his Hollywood career with the No. 1 Box Office hit “The Boogeyman”, followed by 51 successful filmproductions, including twenty motion pictures made for Lionsgate, currently the leading studio in Hollywood. In 2004 Sony produced a remake of “Boogeyman“, which again became No. 1 in the USA.


Together with Frank Dragun (producer) and Colin J. McCracken (writer), Lommel is currently in production for an eight 1-hour series entitles “Boogeyman Chronicles“, premiering Halloween 2018.

In 1980 Ulli Lommel created the Horror Monster Hit The Boogeyman, starring Suzanna Love and John Carradine. The extraordinary world-wide success created a long lasting Franchise. In 1983 Lommel produced Boogeyman 2 and in 1994 Boogeyman 3.